Hot Theme Based Directories Where You Can Make Money

All of us know that directory submission helps you in building massive one way backlinks. The popularity of SEO directories has given rise to niche directories. Niche Directories are directories containing links based on a particular theme. For instance, a directory based on travel theme will contain all links related with travel not of web design.Benefit of Niche directory is that it is a quality related link in terms of Google. Getting a travel directory link for a travel website will really help your site in gaining quick ranking.In fact, there are some niche directories which do not have PR, less amount of traffic, but still earns lot of money. The reason is that webmaster are ready to spend the money on a directory or a website which is related to their theme since it is a quality one way link in terms of Google.In this article, we are going to discuss about the popular niche directories where on a little promotion you can make quick money.

Travel Directories: Tour business is a lucrative business; it mainly consists of tour packages, hotel review, destination guides and many more. The best thing happened to tour business through internet is that a person can read a hotel review, choose his destination and book a hotel room sitting comfortably in his office or room. Due to this many travel agents, hotels have launched their websites. All of them would like to rank on a competitive keyword and for that they would do anything, in fact get listed by paying money. That’s why travel directories are so much in demand. Hence, launching a travel directory and its little bit promotion can help your site in a long way.

Adult Directories: Main reason behind the popularity of adult directories is that most of the general directories do not accept adult sites. Due to this, there is a huge demand of adult directories for one way link building. Launching an adult directory is sure way to earn quick money with some optimization. But, adult sites may contain some content which you may not like and have to bear it.

Regional Directories : I have seen in most of the freelancing sites, there is huge demand of regional directories mostly it is UK, but now a days there is also a huge demand of French, German, Spanish, Italian free SEO directories. Out of thousands of SEO directories more than 98% are in English, rest 2% are based on regional directories. At this time, launching a regional directory can be quite beneficial for making money.

Health Directories : Another niche, just like travel, health directories are quite in demand especially among pharmetuicals, cosmetic sites since there is lot of competition between them, they are ready to give money to get a quality link.

Golf Directories: Golf is quite popular sport nowadays, though sport directories are very less in demand, but golf directories are on rise due to popularity of golf. The site consists of golf accessories, golf trainer, golf club and many more.
It’s not that you can make quick money only in above mentioned niche directories, there are lots of fields which are in demand such as equestrian jewelery, mobile phones and many more. You just need to pick up a topic for which you are passionate about, do a market research about that field and then launch a directory. Bottom line is that it should reach the desired person for making money.

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