Directory Submission – Basic But Useful Hints & Tips

Internet Professional Marketers and SEO experts are already aware that good directory submissions are a requirement for any online business owner who is interested in increasing their search engine ranking to create link popularity and increase traffic to websites. Therefore we need to understand what a directory is.In very basic terms a directory is a list of websites that are listed and broken down into categories and subcategories. So if you want your website to be included into a directory you need to submit your site and have it approved and then you will be listed in that directory. Businesses or individuals that want to know more about any given subject will when accessing that directory be able to find your website.Some directories will allow you to list your site for free whereas others may charge a fee to allow you to be listed on their directory. Paying for a directory listing in most cases will guarantee that your site is included in their directory and very quickly usually within 7 days. Directories that you submit to that do not charge fees can take a much longer time to accept your submission. However, prior to listing your URL you do need to have an understanding of the basic rules for directory submissions. Listed below are nine simple things that you need to consider and understand before you submit your site.1. You must ensure that your webpage is fully completed. You should not start to make submissions to any web directory until you are sure your site is 100%.2. Make sure that you are not using any popup or popunder windows in your web pages.3. Any advertisements or affiliated links should be kept to the bare minimum as sites with a lot of “fluff” or distractions on them will generally mean that the directory owners will reject the submission.4. Do some research and make sure that you use well-respected and good quality directories. Using relevant directories will improve your rankings in the SERP’s. Search engines give a higher rating to inbound links from sites with relevance just as they do to relevant directories.5. Every directory will have a set of rules and requirements that you must fulfill before you can submit to them. Make sure you know these rules beforehand otherwise you may find that you are wasting a lot of time trying to submit to a directory that you do not fit the requirements of.6. Make sure you have all the required information that the directory will require such as providing your correct email address a relevant description, title, URL and keywords otherwise you may also have your submission rejected.7. Understand the use of keywords fully for optimal recognition within the directory. Most directories will use keywords to enable the individuals that are searching to find your directory. Ensure you put the keywords in to your description and your tile.8. Understand all the categories that you have available to use for placing your URL. This has an impact on giving you a higher search engine ranking as the search engine will consider your entry more relevant as it is in the appropriate category and subcategory. You must also ensure you are choosing the correct subcategories within that category for ease of location and also to ensure that your website is considered as quickly as possible for acceptance by the directory.9. Time is the other important factor that you need to consider, your site may not be accepted immediately, especially if it is not a paid directory listing so don’t just go for one directory, submit to a few different directories to increase your chances of acceptance and also the speed in which your ranking may improve.Many online businesses enjoy the process of directory submission and find that they receive great results in a short period of time. Others do find it incredibly time consuming and due to the time involved may not feel there is benefit in the process regardless of the result. If you find that this is not something you feel capable of doing then perhaps you should consider the manual services of a directory submission company to do this for you.Directory submissions will provide an effective and very efficient way to increase traffic to your website and increase your business sales. They will not only be able to do the directory submissions for you but they can assist with ideas and processes to increase your internet marketing plan. They of course will also save you a lot of time because they already have a lot of the information on hand that you would need to source if you planned to do the job yourself. They already know many applicable directories for your business and the correct format and information you should use in submissions to get the best results for your business. Either way, directory submissions will benefit your business, whether you take the time to complete the process correctly yourself or if you enlist the services of a directory submission service.

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